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T-Mobile Nokia 2330

Nokia 2330 celular
Marca: Nokiaestrela vazia
Modelo: 2330
Dimensões: 0 x 0 x 0 cm
(Comprimento x Largura x Espessura)
Visitas: 578 (iCelular) e 1.165 (Youtube)
Última Visita: 20-01-2018 11:28
0 voto(s).

Hello I'm Bryony and I'm here to tell you about another great offer only available today at Tariffsupermarket.com. Now if you need to get 6 people on to the same deal, you're really going to love this great offer on the T-Mobile Network. You'll get six free stunning Nokia 2330 handsets and a whopping 3000 minutes for the group to share and use whenever they need to. The lucky six on this great 24 month contract will also have a staggering 18000 texts at their disposal every month. The group will also be able to take advantage of unlimited free landline calls to UK numbers beginning with 01, 02 and 03-perfect for keeping in touch with the office or clients during the day. Now you're probably thinking this is going to be expensive, but for all of this including six free Nokia 2330 handsets, you pay just £75.26 per month- that's a saving of nearly £1800 over the term of the contract.. ...Now that's a deal!

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